Costa Rica Daily Shuttles

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Between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Both private service and a less-expensive daily shuttles are available between San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and several of the most visited locations in Costa Rica, including Liberia.

Liberia is the location of an international airport that is closer to San Juan del Sur than is the airport in Managua, Nicaragua. And especially during the current insurrection in Nicaragua, Liberia is an excellent choice for going in or out or either country.

Daily Shuttles

The table below shows several shuttles between San Juan del Sur (the most popular Pacific coast location in Nicaragua) and several locations in Costa Rica, including Liberia (location of an international airport). Note that the shuttle stop in Liberia is Plaza Santa Rosa, which can be reached by taxi, rather than directly at the airport. Expect a taxi fare between $15 and $20.

Private Service

Private service is door to door in both countries, and at any time most convenient for you. It can be extended to any location in either country. Please call or email for details.

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Shuttle service within Costa Rica is provided by carefully selected strategic partners of Adelante Express, ensuring the reliability and friendly customer service that Adelante Express is known for.