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Office Location

Right across the street from the beach, in the offices of Century 21/Nica Life Realty Calle del Rey, 1 cuadra norte de El Timon San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua One block north of El Timon Just south of the Eskimo ice cream shop.

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The Adelante Express office team: (l to r) Carolina Bello, Ludin Narvaez, and Gretchen Escobar

The Adelante Express office team: (l to r) Carolina Bello, Ludin Narvaez, and Gretchen Escobar

About Adelante Express

“Tranquilo” is a term used to Nicaragua to mean that everything is enjoyable and relaxed. When you “travel tranquilo” with Adelante Express, you enjoy US-style quality and door-to-door service. And you travel relaxed because we ensure reliable service. Our prices are competitive, and we’re often the least-expensive option available. Our vehicles are well maintained, air-conditioned and cleaned daily. Smoking is not allowed in our vehicles to ensure that everyone enjoys cool, clean air.

A fluent English-speaker is always available to answer your questions. Call us right now to make your reservation, and rest assured that at any point in your trip that you have a question, we can provide a complete answer—in English. If your driver is not yet fluent in English, he calls our manager on duty, hands you the cell phone and we handle your issue immediately.

Ready When You Are

The times posted on our website are coordinated with the most often-used flights in and out of Managua. Although we don’t encourage travel at night we offer night owl and early bird service for those who need it ( click here to learn about our arrangements with Camino Real).
If you prefer to travel on your own schedule, private vehicles are available and ready whenever you are.


The Adelante Name

Although the word adelante is translated literally as straight ahead, the term has additional meanings in everyday use.

As a Welcome

When someone comes to your door, you welcome them into your home with a greeting of “pasa adelante,” to say “come straight in, you are welcome here.” In this sense, Adelante Express is your welcome to Nicaragua. We do all that we can to make you feel welcome and to ensure that one of your first experiences in this beautiful country is an enjoyable one.

On the Go

When your energy’s up and you’re ready to roll, a cry of “adelante” means “let’s go.” In this sense, Adelante Express is part of your adventure. We’re always ready to get you going toward whatever new destination has captured your imagination.




We understand that many of our customers turn to the Internet for convenience, reliability and personalized service. That’s why we make it easy for you to make and track your own reservation on line. To get started now, just go to the navigation bar at the top of this page and click either Scheduled Trips or Private Vehicle.

We also know that sometimes you just want to talk with a human. So we make that easy too. Reservations can be handled completely over the phone. Our website is here to use only when you prefer to.


If you do chose to place your reservation on line, an automatically generated email immediately confirms that is has been received in our system. A human then ensures that your vehicle and driver are scheduled. You then receive a second email confirming that we will be there and ready when you are.






To check, or cancel, your reservation online, just click the link that is included in the confirming email you receive. If you wish to change any detail of your reservation, that can be done online.

Emails to you confirm the revised reservation. We then send you another email confirming that we’ve made all the needed revisions and will be there and ready when you are.

Committed to San Juan del Sur

The company founder is me, John Morley. I’m here by choice. I own property here and am committed to helping the area prosper in a way that preserves the natural environment while providing opportunity to those who are here by birth.

Karla Cruz, a native of Nicaragua, contributed to our growth, managing Adelante Express on site through 2008 and into 2009, with the help of San Juan del Sur native Gladys Avendaño.


Mark Sullivan provided leadership during 2009 and 2010, including a move into a new office.

Our current office managers, Gretchen Escobar and Ludin Narvaez, are native-born. Our drivers, including our lead driver, Allan Galeano, and independent contractors are also local. And we welcome Raiti Romano who began as an office manager in April 2016.  Together, we are creating opportunity within the community by providing a high-quality of urgently needed service.


Committed to Sustainable Tourism

Links to Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Development websites

Unspoiled natural beauty is still abundant in Nicaragua. We are committed to keeping it that way. Our business is structured to reduce the number of vehicles on the highway and to run efficiently. This reduces emissions going into the air and lessens traffic. As we grow, we are committed to using cleaner fuels that become available, buying vehicles with lower emissions and supporting efforts that preserve the natural beauty that makes this area such a paradise.