The shooting has stopped and the barricades are down. Although the political tension remains, the one thing that both sides agree on is that everyone wants tourists, retirees, and other visitors to return. And you will be treated very well, in an uncrowded country when you do visit.

The one thing that has not changed is that areas outside the cities, including San Juan del Sur, have remained calm and peaceful throughout. The demonstrations and parades that there have been in those areas may have been angry, but not deadly, and there has been no hostility directed to tourists or visitors anywhere.

There has however been damage to the economy, notably tourism. There are still too few passengers to resume our scheduled service, but our private service is now going everything we have in the past, including recently added locations in Costa Rica.

To provide the latest information, and to help you navigate this “new normal,” Adelante Express now offers a concierge service. Check it out to see some of what is currently available in the San Juan del Sur area. Then call or email for help with anything from current information on what is still open to arranging an entire vacation package.

Although the airport in Managua is again easily accessible, flights have been limited because there are simply fewer passengers. An alternative remains the international airport in Liberia, Costa Rica (about 20 miles south of the border with Nicaragua). From there, we can take you anywhere in Costa Rica or Nicaragua, with either private service or less expensive scheduled service in Costa Rica.

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Service throughout Costa Rica continues, including a scheduled trip between San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, and the airport in Liberia, Costa Rica; leaving San Juan del Sur at 6:00 am; and leaving Liberia at 9:15 am. And our private service can accommodate whatever your schedule may require.

For current information, or help with planning a visit to an area that will be very happy to make you as comfortable as possible, don’t hesitate to call or email the Adelante Express office.


Travel Tranquilo

Now: Service to Costa Rica (


Adelante Express delivers reliable, affordable, door-to-door ground transportation. In addition to private service available throughout Western Nicaragua (see more), including the Managua airport (MGA), less-expensive scheduled trips serve Managua, Granada, and the area surrounding San Juan del Sur.

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for what to expect at the airport). If you need to be picked up within the next 36 hours, please call by phone any of the numbers above (if calling from North America, enter 011 in place of the + symbol). And yes, those are eight-digit phone numbers.
A setting sun makes golden the beach at San Juan del Sur

A setting sun makes golden the beach at San Juan del Sur

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Scheduled Trips

We regret that we have had to suspend this service within Nicaragua due to the current unrest, although our daily scheduled trips between San Juan del Sur and the Liberia airport in Costa Rica continue and can be scheduled by phone or email.

Private Vehicle Service

Travel at the time you prefer with a vehicle and driver to yourself, and a choice of compact car, SUV, or a 7-passenger or 14-passenger van.

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If you need to be picked up within the next 36 hours, please call us by phone, at the numbers below (which also appear at the top of this page; and yes, those are eight-digit phone numbers; if calling from North America, enter 011 in place of the + symbol); otherwise, you can easily make your own reservation online by clicking either of the blue buttons above.
Your reservation will be confirmed by an email message with a link that lets you log in to check or cancel your reservation at any time. Or if you’d rather speak with a human–in English–please give us a call: +(505) 8850-6070 or +(505) 8325-9074 (if calling from North America, enter 011 in place of the + symbol).