Hotel Camino Real

To best ensure your safety, we discourage travel after dark. For flights scheduled in the late afternoon, night or early morning, we suggest spending the night at the Hotel Camino Real, which makes a special rate available to our passengers.



Or if it becomes necessary for you to wait for one of our vans, you may choose to do so at the hotel, to enjoy their Casa Blanca restaurant or Lobby Bar, or to simply relax by their pool. In any case, we can easily arrange to pick you up at the hotel.
Diagonally across the highway from the airport, the Camino Real provides a free shuttle. So you can easily enjoy relaxing at this fine hotel before or after your flight.

To arrange the reduced rate for Adelanate Express passengers, click here to email Danfer Escobar, Sales & Marketing Director for the hotel. Simply state in the body of your email… “I am a customer of Adelante Express and wish to take advantage of the reduced rate you offer in conjunction with their service.” Then indicate the date of your stay. To learn more about the Camino Real, click here to visit their Web site. Adelante Express provides service directly to and from the Camino Real.